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Audi 2G MMI Update 5570 A4 (8K) - A5 (8T) 8k0 998 961Audi 2G MMI Update 5570 A4 (8K) - A5 (8T) 8k0 9

Audi 2G MMI Update 5570 A4 (8K) - A5 (8T) 8k0 998 961

If you own an Audi A4 or A5 with the MMI 2G high system, you may be interested in updating your software to the latest version. The MMI 2G high is the second generation of Audi's multimedia interface, which allows you to control the car's entertainment, navigation, and communication features. The latest software update, version 5570, brings some new features and improvements to your MMI system.


What are the benefits of updating to version 5570?

According to the official Audi website, the update to version 5570 offers the following benefits:

  • Audi Parking System Plus can be retrofitted (Audible and graphic display of the screen)

  • DSP allows a higher volume

  • Navi Announcements can be turned off during a call

  • The volume of the background music during navigation announcements can be set

  • Height information can be displayed in the Navigation map

  • The route can be followed on the chart via the MMI control

  • Crosshairs on input card is easier

  • Additional display arrows for the direction in which the POI will be looking for points of interest

  • Better labelling of highway exits at low zoom levels

  • Voice control and navigation of the top targets are immediately available

  • Bluetooth: access to more phonebook memory

  • Configurable Bluetooth PIN

  • If you select a POI in navigation, then you can dial the number directly.

  • VCS (voice control system) is available in conjunction with a Hands-free kit

  • Sound Setup: Setting DSP Driver / Symmetric is not saved. Always remains symmetric

  • Vehicles with DSP may cause a total failure of all the speakers. Ignition off for a long time to correct the problem.

  • DSP forgets the DRIVER / SYMMETRIC setting is fixed.

  • The bird-view navigation menu is a selectable 3D map display

  • AMI (Audi Music Interface) is now upgradeable to connect iPod, USB sticks, hard drives, etc.

  • MP3-CD changer support few changes are known

  • Bose surround will not forget the surround setting