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Harmy Despecialized 1080p Vs 4k

of course, it may be that theres a lot of other work that goes into a 4k transfer. there is a lot of post-production work that goes into creating the kind of look of harmys despecialized releases. (as an example, the gout and the main titles for harmys movies have a few things in common. and as another, the 4k versions of despecialized actually look closer to their original theatrical elements than the blu-ray versions do. the blu-rays have a certain polish, the 4k blu-rays dont. i think thats because the 4k versions are done by harmy. - evan)

Harmy Despecialized 1080p Vs 4k

finally, ive been able to watch harmy despecialized versions on a 1080p tv for a few years now. as a result, theyre starting to feel very dated, as if the technology of the time was significantly more powerful than what we have today. of course, this isnt something that can be helped - the digital revolution hasnt been kind to movies since the early 1990s. but i suspect that, if harmy goes ahead with a 4k release, i wont be able to watch it on a 1080p tv, and that theres no way i could watch it on a 4k projector. i wouldnt want to watch it on a 4k tv, either. if this seems like a rant, its not intended that way. it is intended to be respectful to the people behind the project, and to understand that theyre working with material thats been despecialized, and that there will be diminishing returns.

i wouldnt expect too much improvement in terms of quality seams in newer despecialized releases. most of the original footage in the current releases of harmys trilogy is from 35mm print scans (not necessarily from the 4kxx project, but comparable amounts of detail). in jedi, for example, theres only one original element taken from the gout, and he only did that because the 35mm theatrical scans didnt have appreciably more detail than the gout for that shot (think about that for a second!). the optical duplication process used to create theatrical prints from 35mm negatives simply blurs out fine detail, and it doesnt matter what resolution you scan a projection print at, youre not going to get that detail back. when you notice certain parts of despecialized dont even seem to have 720p worth of fine detail, more often than not, thats from a 1080p or 4k 35mm print scan, not the gout.


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