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Bejeweled 3 (Portable).

This full-length free-standing cheval mirror with crystal border is a bejeweled makeup vanity and space-saving jewelry organizer in one. Stylish and efficient, this contemporary design is constructed of MDF eco-friendly wood, with a sleek finish enhanced by inner LED lighting. The crystal border mirror contains a velvet interior that keeps your jewelry and everyday essentials neatly organized.Comprised of 35 metal necklace hooks, five bracelet hooks, three bars to hold 75 earrings, cushioned holes that can fasten up to 50 rings or stud earrings, a smart pouch for documents, six individual compartments composed of four shelves for your makeup & beauty items, and two pull out drawers for your accessories. An easy-to-operate board and mirror solidify your vanity set. Secure lock and key mechanism added security, with a multi-position full-length glass mirror, making getting ready quick and easy.

Bejeweled 3 (Portable).


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