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Download Election Card Online: A Step-by-Step Guide

Submit your voter registration application online from your computer, tablet or mobile device. Download a printable Tennessee voter registration application to submit to your county election commission. Check your voter registration status. Contact your county election commission.

The easiest way for Tennessee voters to find when to vote and where to vote, Election Day polling locations, view and mark sample ballots, see their elected officials, districts and county election commission information, as well as access online election results is through the GoVoteTN app.

download election card online


The California Motor Voter program is making registering to vote at the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) more convenient. Eligible applicants completing a driver license, identification (ID) card or change of address transaction online, by mail or in person at the DMV will be automatically registered to vote by the California Secretary of State, unless they choose to opt out of automatic voter registration. For more information, visit California Motor Voter

Important Note! The Alabama Voter Registration application is for use by residents of the State of Alabama only! If you reside in a state other than Alabama, please contact your state or local election officials for information on registering to vote. You may also wish to visit the web site of the Election Assistance Commission to review the federal postcard voter registration form.

A Social Security numberTo use your social security number, you must have the ability to sign on-screen or upload your signature to complete the registration process. If you are unable to provide a digital signature, you can not register online. Click here to download the voter registration application for your county.

Visit to begin the voter registration process. Select your state or territory. Depending on its rules, you will find instructions on how to register online, by mail, or in person at your local election office.

A voter registration card can be obtained and completed at your county clerk's office or click here to download a Voter Registration Application in PDF format. You must have the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

If you do not have a West Virginia driver's license or ID card number and the last four digits of your Social Security Number, you may not submit your form online, but you may enter your information online to be auto-filled in a voter registration application. Once you create your application online, you may print, sign and deliver it to your County Clerk by mail or in person.

If the application is complete and you meet all qualifications to vote, the county board of elections will mail you a voter registration card. This mailing is non-forwardable and serves to verify your address. If the U.S. Postal Service returns a card as undeliverable, a second mailing will be sent. If the second mailing is returned as undeliverable, the voter registration will be denied.

If you submit your application form before the voter registration deadline for the next election, you should receive your voter registration card within two weeks. Contact your county board of elections if you do not receive your voter registration card.

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Voter ID card or EPIC (Election Photo Identity Card) is issued by the Election Commission of India as an identity document to those aged 18 and above, serving as the primary identity when casting a ballot in municipal, state and national elections.

Look up your current voter registration information, status, polling place location, sample ballot and vote by mail ballot status.If you have a Florida driver license or Florida ID card, you can update your residential address, mailing address, name, or political party, or request a new Voter Information Card online. It's quick, easy and secure. If you don't have a state-issued ID or simply prefer paper, you can download a Florida Voter Registration Application online to fill out print. Then, you can return the complete application form to one of our four offices.

Your signature may change over time, so make sure we have your current signature on file. When you sign a vote-by-mail ballot envelope or a petition, we will match your signature to the signatures we have on file for you. You can use an online voter registration application to update your information, and it will add the signature from your driver license or Florida ID card to your voter record.

  • To register online you will needYour California driver license or California identification card number,

  • The last four digits of your social security number and

  • Your date of birth.

Your information will be provided to the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to retrieve a copy of your DMV signature.

Absentee RegistrationAre you going to be away from your residence address during the election and need your ballot mailed to another address? If so, please download fill out an absentee ballot request form here and mail or fax that signed form to us.

Douglas County residents can register to vote by registering online, downloading a voter registration form, by visiting a local library, when renewing a driver's license, or by coming into the Election Commission.


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