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Guys my JJsploit was working on roblox like an hour ago and now every time i try open it it just says 'argument 5 missing or nil, ive restarted pc, reinstalled jjsploit and roblox, turned off all virus shields and sht, nothings working.



For me it says "The exploit has broke duo to the game's weekly update. Please wait for WeAreDevs to fix jjsploit. This could be few hours. Maybe longer if there are complications." It took two day's and it still says the same thing. Idk what to do with it. I disabled my antivirus and still it's not working.

look, i know its a free script so its not going to be updated as quickly as programs like synapse, but jjsploit broke on the 13th and now its the 17th. 4 days? I understand there could be issues going on with the roblox update and all, but if its taking you this long to fix a program which thousands of people use, somebody isnt working hard enough.

@onlydelta1111 You should also be grateful to have an exploit like jjsploit that even being free and easy to use is even better than paid exploits I even dare to say that it is one of the best if not the best.

jjsploit is working fine on all games, it's the scripts you are trying to run that jj cant execute. Try scripts that are less demanding. Crashes can happen because of your system configuration as well so keep that in mind that it may be your system.

Yes, yes i know jjsploit is trash but i still use it, and now, after executing any script it crashes, is this associated with new roblox update? Or any other ideas? (I will download KRNL soon dont worry)

I got a crypto currency mining virus. Can I get a moderator to explain? I've preferred jjsploit over all other executors and now I got a trojan that's frying my cpu. Smh, I thought you guys garunteed safe downloads. Looks like you're a bunch of fake idiots. Even worse I don't know how to remove it because it's undetectable and disappears when I open task manager.

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If you find jjsploit.dll during your ongoing efforts; Please return back to and upload this file to help fulfill everyones requests! The download will become available once the .dll file is uploaded. We would like to thank you on behalf of the community for helping fix and resolve .dll errors. 041b061a72


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