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Girls Forever (820) Mp4

In keeping more with the tone for this particular message board, I've seen some kids playing, too. One group of 10-13 year olds was playing "Spin the Bottle" on the grass away from the adults, but weren't doing anything too serious. Later on, though, one lovely olive-skinned girl, about 12 and developing, with shoulder-length black hair and big lips, was sitting with a 13-year old boy at the campfire with all the adults, and I realized she was giving him a hand job through his sweat pants right there in front of everybody- until a mother noticed & made them stop & sit apart. Kids games of "Truth or Dare" apparently get interesting, too; I know that one buff 11-year old gymnast girl, a real kewtie with straight blond hair, ran naked back & forth thru the campsite on a dare at night. Some growing girls in their early & mid teens have costumes that don't fit quite right, and sometimes a nipple or entire bare breast pops out.

Girls Forever (820) mp4

At one public ren-fair, two male models (buff guys with short dark hair) were showing off a couple of modern kilts that snap together, when one ripped the kilt off of the other, leaving him naked in the middle of the crowded lunch area, right in front of a bunch of girls in their early teens in princess costumes. They seemed to enjoy the show.

"Kilt checks" are popular. See, men wearing kilts aren't supposed to be wearing any underwear, so some women & girls ask if they can perform a kilt check to make sure. The most modest way is to feel up the outside of the kilt for panty lines. The next level is to feel up the inside of the back of the kilt and grab the guy's bare bottom. Some girls actually feel up the inside of the front of the kilt, and feel or even stroke what they find there. I read on another forum some people complaining about an event they had witnessed, where one woman got down on her knees and stroked under the front of the kilts of five guys in a row, for several minutes at a time, right at the busy crowded front gate of the faire. I knew a girl who taught her 11-year old sister (a freckled blond kewtie in a princess dress and a plastic tribal collar-necklace) how to do kilt checks, but I only heard about it afterward and didn't get to see her feeling up & stroking strange men in the middle of a crowded public park, or to be one of them.

"Capturing" people & making them "slaves" is popular among the goth kids, but they almost never do anything interesting with the idea. One time though, this trio of hot goth girls aged 15-17 was a lot more interesting, when they were getting tied up & spanked. The tall one with a black pageboy haircut got her black minidress pulled up for her spanking & wasn't wearing any underwear, and had the loveliest shaved slit. The henna-haired punk girl in jeans & t-shirt insisted on pulling her jeans down to show us her shaved kitty as well. The top-knotted petite one in the pink minidress & black leather bra came back for me the next day and we spent a wonderful afternoon making out naked in a closed historical display tent.

One late night two 15-ish punk rock girls were thrown out of one encampment for stripping naked & making out with each other, and my friends & I wished we had a large party tent for them to resume, but we didn't. One was a super-cute pink-haired pixie holding her clothes in front of her instead of putting them back on.

Januarys are always cold in the upper Midwest. This year, though, hasbeen the coldest we've seen in a long time. But, despite high natural gasprices and low temperatures, our house had been comfortably warm throughoutthe cold spell until the day my husband, Michael, an airline pilot, leftfor his monthly four day trip to Europe. Suddenly our almost new, highefficiency, just out of warranty gas furnace, Michael's proudest homeimprovement, stopped - you'll excuse the expression - cold. Frantic callsto the company with our service contract brought only vague promises ofhelp "by sometime tomorrow." Even more frantic calls to the "round theclock repair service guys" brought either more vague promises or outrightrefusals to hazard a guess as to when a repairman might make it to ourhouse. Grrrrr!! Men! Silently abusing my husband for not being home tohandle this problem, I started considering my options as the temperature inthe house fell past the 60 degree mark. We have two girls, one six and theother eight who would soon be home from school. I needed a place for thethree of us to sleep tonight because once the sun went down, thetemperature in here was going to fall a lot farther.

I was right. When I told her that I couldn't help at school because I hadto be home for the repairman, she asked what was going on. And when Iexplained our predicament, there wasn't even any discussion. Carol'shusband was down in Virginia someplace for two weeks of navy reserve stuffand he'd left one of her two guest rooms unusable. (It seems that puttingin the new hardwood floor had turned out to be a little harder than the guyat the Home Depot promised.) But, if my girls doubled up in the otherguest room and I didn't mind sharing her room, Carol said we were welcometo stay with her until the heat was fixed.

The girls got home about 4:00pm and by 4:15 we were on our way to Carol'swith school books, overnight bags, favorite stuffed animals, lasagna andchocolate cake in hand. Carol, who's in her early thirties, with a cute pixie face, short hair and nice figure met us at the door, dressed in oldsweats and athletic socks. Typically, she insisted on hugs all around.Soon the overnight bags were in the proper bedrooms and dinner was on thetable. The kids were in high spirits because of the unexpected"adventure". I was glad to be under a warm roof and Carol seemed genuinelypleased to have us there. After seconds on chocolate cake, the childrenwere put to work on their studies, while we moms cleaned up. By eighto'clock, the kids were washed, brushed, tucked in and, if not quite asleep,certainly well on the way. Carol and I were sitting next to each other onthe couch in the family room, warming our toes in front of a nice fire,sipping merlot, talking and laughing. I felt a nice, pleasant buzz fromthe wine and Carol did, too, I think. Anyhow, after a hectic day I finallybegan to wind down. It felt nice and I reminded myself that life can bepretty good. Though I didn't know it, it was about to get a lot better.

Rolling off my leg, Carol knelt over me and grabbing my hips, pulled me upto her lips. They closed around my clit and electricity shot through me.My hips were thrusting up at her, completely out of my control as shesucked at my button and pushed her fingers deep inside of me. I lost trackof everything but the fire in my groin and the lips and the fingers fuelingit. Carol was now rubbing her face up and down my slit, licking my lipsand my clit while her fingers continued moving in and out, in and out.Suddenly, I felt myself stiffen, my back arch and then the explosion deepinside me. My hips bucked and thrust up while Carol held onto me, stillfucking me with her fingers. For what seemed like forever I rode theswirling waves of the most intense orgasm I'd had in years. As theelectric lights in my head started to go out, Carol laid down on top of meand we held each other, listening to our breathing, feeling the beating ofour hearts. And then we just fell asleep.

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