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Buy Here Pay Here Motorcycles Nc

We are a trusted specialized dealership with a fun and friendly atmosphere. When you do business with us, we look forward to making it a long-term relationship by offering the best financing, service and parts and accessories for your motorcycle purchase. We not only buy, sell or trade bikes and powersports, we also move consignments.

buy here pay here motorcycles nc

Stonewall Harley-Davidson is proud to exclusively offer our credit-challenged customers a second chance at fulfilling their dream of motorcycle ownership. These motorcycles are available for our Buy Here Pay Here In-House Financing. See your Stonewall Sales Associate for additional qualifiers for the program or call us at (540) 672-5550 for more information and to schedule your test ride

One of the FEW pre-owned dealerships in the TRIAD that relies mainly on word of mouth advertising!!! Our customers are family here and they gladly refer their family members and friends over to CarsThatGo. Come see what CarsThatGo is all about! Let us help you with your families next vehicle purchase!! We offer low down payments and easy terms to help you ride today!! No long drawn out approval process so click on the finance tab above and get started toward owning your new vehicle right now!!

If you have bad credit, then you know how some places will more or less laugh at you when you apply for financing to buy a motorcycle. We don't. We treat everyone with the respect they deserve regardless of your credit history and we work harder to make sure that you can get financed to buy a motorcycle from us. As an authorized Kawasaki motorcycle dealer and an authorized Yamaha motorcycle dealer, we offer the complete line of new motorcycles from both of these motorcycle manufacturers for sale at everyday low prices

We also offer a huge selection of fully certified used motorcycles for sale at prices that are lower than you will find anywhere else. As a used motorcycle dealer, we are not limited to just offering used Kawasaki or used Yamaha motorcycles. We offer used motorcycle in every style from all major motorcycle manufacturers.

Because our new or used motorcycles are priced so low, when you get financed to buy a motorcycle with us, your monthly payments will also be low and affordable. There is a good possibility that you are considered to have bad credit because of past loans where the interest rate suddenly went up after a year or two and simply made your payments unaffordable for you. This helped to cause your current bad credit rating. We don't do that. We only offer fixed rate financing, even for those with bad credit or no credit. We want you to have the opportunity to not only buy a motorcycle with your current bad credit, but, we also want to see to it that you have the opportunity to once again have good credit. This can only happen when you have affordable payments on your motorcycle financing.

Motorcycles are cheap to run, exciting to ride and a quick way to travel through traffic. Styles of motorcycles vary depending on the task for which they are designed, such as long distance travel, navigating congested urban traffic, cruising, sport and racing, or off-road conditions.

In many parts of the world, motorcycles are among the least expensive and most widespread forms of motorised transport. After the Second World War, the BSA Group became the largest producer of motorcycles in the world, producing up to 75,000 bikes a year in the 1950s.

Almost all commercially available motorcycles are driven by conventional gasoline internal combustion engines, but some small scooter-type models use an electric motor, and a very small number of diesel models exist. Liquid-cooled motorcycles have a radiator (exactly like the radiator on a car) which is the primary way their heat is dispersed. Liquid cooled motorcycles have the potential for greater power at a given displacement, tighter tolerances, and longer operating life, whereas air cooled motorcycles are potentially cheaper to purchase, less mechanically complex and lighter weight.

Only the largest touring motorcycles and a few models that are routinely used with a sidecar or converted to tricycle configuration are fitted with a reverse gear. At one time, motorcycles all used spoke wheels built up from separate components , but, except for dirtbikes, one-piece wheels are more common now. Brakes can either be drum or disc based, with disc brakes being more common on large, modern or more expensive motorcycles for their far superior stopping power, particularly in wet conditions.

Modern designs have the two wheels of a motorcycle connected to the chassis by a suspension arrangement, however 'chopper' style motorcycles often elect to forgo rear suspension, using a rigid frame. As can be seen from the streamlined appearance of new performance motorcycles, there is much aerodynamic technology included in the design. Modern fairings on touring and sport-touring motorcycles dramatically improve a rider's comfort and attention on long rides by reducing the effect of the wind and rain on the body.

While the reasons for people choosing to ride motorcycles are many and varied, those reasons are increasingly practical, with riders opting for a powered two-wheeler as a cost-efficient alternative to infrequent and expensive public transport systems, or as a means of avoiding or reducing the effects of urban congestion.

Electric motorcycles are emission free during operation, producing the electricity that charges the batteries in them can be a cause of pollution. Street customs: Highly customised motorcycles with wild paint jobs also built for show, but constructed from a sport bike frame instead of a cruiser-style frame.

The finance co repossesed the car and sold it. I just got a letter in the mail saying i owe the deficiency of $7634.67 due in full within 10 days. there is no way I can pay that... I couldn't afford the car I surely can't afford to pay this. what do I expect???

I am considering allowing my car to be repossessed due to ridiculously high payments from being upside down. There will surely be more owed after they auction it, if I go this route. If they send a bill for the remainder, which I cannot pay, is it effective to request that they write it off and send the 1099-C. If they are aggressive and sue, what does that look like? I don't have a lot of other debt to warrant a bankruptcy, and as a single mom of 3, I have no expendable income to even send payments.

Are you are asking about the finance company installing a GPS to locate a car for repo when behind on payments? If so there may be notice provided for in the contract for a GPS and it may even be a violation of the contract for the owner to remove the GPS. If there is no provision in the contract for a GPS there certainly is an argument that any GPS device is an invasion of privacy. This is a relatively new area of the law and I am not aware of any NC cases on point for this scenario.

Can the repo man attach his own gps tracker to a vehicle say after it pings in the LPR system? Say he's riding through a parking lot and LPR picks up on an order for a vehicle but, he can't get to it where it's at or something, can he attach a little portable tracker to the car legally to find it later?

You can certainly refuse to allow a car repo if there is no Court Order. That being said they can take it if you do not protest. They can take it from your driveway in the middle of the night. Although they can't "break" into your garage, some do anyway. They can also follow you to work or the grocery store and repo your vehicle from the parking lot. It is hard to hide from the repo man forever.

A Court Order is usually not required for a peaceful repossession. General rule is if you are in default the lender can attempt a repossession. That being said there should be no duty to cooperate or hand them the keys. If they took the vehicle you need to call the lender or hire an attorney ASAP.

I am in the process of claiming bankruptcy, and plan on keeping my vehicle. I am behind in my payments, and the finance company knows this. However they have sent the dogs out to get my car. Is there anything that I can do to get the repo men called off?

Are you looking to file Chapter 13 and catch up your payments inside the bankruptcy? A Chapter 7 does not provide for curing what you are behind on the vehicle. In the meantime there is not much you can do to keep them from looking for the car before you have actually filed.

Did you have a contract with the other party regarding default or just an "understanding" that they would pay? You should be able to sue the other person regardless, but my guess is they have no money based upon the fact they failed to make car payments. Getting a judgment often does not mean getting paid. That is why the lender just wrote it off their taxes and sent you a 1099 rather than sue both of you. If you did decide to sue your former friend would need to contact a collection attorney. In the future NEVER cosign for ANYONE under ANY circumstances. If you are interested in suing the lender you should have an attorney review the contract as there may be a binding arbitration clause provision prohibiting you from suing them in State Court.

I have a question. My truck was repossessed this morning from a buddy's auto body shop in North Carolina. The towing company showed up to drop a car off to be worked on and saw my truck. They confronted the guy that worked there and said the vin number matched a truck that was up for repo. He said the payments were 9 months behind ( which is wrong because I have been paying it and have bank statements proving that I have. Also received a phone call 2 days ago stating that my balance was right on track and even offered me another vehicle if i wanted one ) he did not show the guy any paperwork stating the truck was up for repo. Just told him it was up for repo, gave him a card, and hooked the truck up and left. My friend called me to tell me about it so I drove over there and they wouldn't answer the door, I called multiple times and they won't answer or return a call. I walked around back and saw my truck, they have the wheels and tires off of the truck and have it sitting on blocks. What legal action can I take towards the place that wrongfully repossessed my truck? 041b061a72


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