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Game Bred Apbt Kennel

Game Bred Apbt Kennel

Game bred apbt kennel is a term used to describe a kennel that breeds American Pit Bull Terriers (APBTs) for their performance and abilities in various activities, such as weight pulling, hog hunting, confirmation shows, and sometimes illegal dog fighting. Game bred apbt kennels are different from other apbt kennels that breed for pet quality, temperament, or appearance. Game bred apbt kennels focus on preserving the original bloodlines of the apbt that were developed in the 19th and early 20th centuries by dogmen who tested their dogs in pit contests against other dogs. These bloodlines are known for their gameness, drive, intelligence, athleticism, and loyalty.

Some of the most famous and influential game bred apbt bloodlines are Redboy, Jocko, Bolio, Jeep, Tombstone, Chinaman, Mayday, and Eli. These bloodlines have produced many legendary dogs that have proven themselves in the pit or other arenas. Some examples are Ch. Tant's Yellow, Gr. Ch. Tornado, Gr. Ch. Nigerino, Gr. Ch. Jeep ROM, Gr. Ch. Buck ROM, Gr. Ch. Mayday ROM, and Gr. Ch. Chinaman ROM. These dogs are highly sought after by game bred apbt enthusiasts and breeders who want to replicate or improve their qualities.


Game bred apbt kennels are not easy to find or access, as they are often secretive and selective about who they sell their dogs to. They usually do not advertise their dogs online or in public forums, but rather rely on word-of-mouth referrals and personal connections. They also have strict rules and contracts for their buyers to follow, such as not using the dogs for illegal purposes, not breeding the dogs without permission, and returning the dogs if they are not satisfied with them. Game bred apbt kennels are passionate about their dogs and their history, and they want to ensure that their dogs are in good hands and that their bloodlines are preserved.

Game bred apbt kennels are a controversial topic among dog lovers and animal rights activists. Some people admire the game bred apbt for its courage, strength, and loyalty, and view it as a noble and versatile breed that can excel in various activities. Others condemn the game bred apbt for its aggression, violence, and cruelty, and view it as a dangerous and vicious breed that should be banned or regulated. The debate over the game bred apbt is unlikely to end anytime soon, as both sides have strong opinions and arguments.

Game bred apbt kennel is a term that describes a specific type of apbt breeder who values the performance and abilities of the apbt over other factors. Game bred apbt kennels have a long and rich history of producing some of the best apbts in the world. However, they also face many challenges and criticisms from society and the law. Game bred apbt kennels are not for everyone, but they are a part of the apbt culture and legacy.


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