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Victoria 4.2 Pro Bundle (Daz3d M

Yes, to get the anatomical element for a given character, you have to buy at least 1 pro bundle per generation. For instance, if you buy a Michael 8 Pro bundle then the anatomical element will work on any Genesis 8 male character that has an Anatomical Elements Texture for that character. Most vendors will list this in the list of textures included. Not all vendors include Anatomical Elements Textures with their characters. I am talking about add on characters here, Usually all adult DAZ Named generation characters (MIchael 8, Victoria 8, etc.) will have Anatomical Elements Textures included. Male M3dia has some add on morphs for the G8 Anatomical Element in his M3D Dalton character -dalton-hd-for-genesis-8-male

Victoria 4.2 Pro Bundle (Daz3d M

Bolded for emphasis, since I know people have bought pro bundles in the past expecting to get the gens. Sometimes it isn't obvious which characters are considered adults since there are some older looking teens and younger looking adults. The best way to find out for sure is to simply take a look at the list of items in the bundle at the bottom of the store page. If it doesn't mention anatomical elements, it doesn't include them.

In the DAZ -4-pro-bundle I do not see male and female organ which are quite useful for a medical project. Are they embed in the set?I need the internal view of the genitalia (bladder, urethra, testicle, epididymis, and for female, fallopian tube, uterus, vagina, clitoris...)

About the address destination, does it matter how it is written? Because when you look at the destination folder for the M5 bundle, it's different from the destination folder for the M4 bundle? Look at the lines, these, //// \\\\, not sure what they are called, but they are different from each other. I tried writing it the way the M5 bundle showed, but that didn't work either! LOLOL

You would really need to tell us what itmes you are thinking of buying, and provide a link to them, otherwise we are all fishing in the dark. Neither the M5 Pro nor the V5 Pro bundles contain the Evolution Head and Body moprhs that I can see. What makes you thing that they came with them? I have the V5 Pro bundle, and I don't have them.Victoria 4 Morphs++ are for use on V4 and her morphs only, and do not work with any Genesis figure out of the box. You would require the GenX Plugin to transfer these morphs to Genesis.

You appear to have the Evolution Moprhs bundle as part of the Suite, sorry I misread your post, but everything else that I said still applies, Gen 4 and Gen 5 (Genesis) morphs are not mixable without other work I'm afraid. You should be covered for the products that require these packages, but is is always safer to ask if you are not sure.


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